Our Boys
Wild West Mastiffs
Magnum is our second mastiff, and truly the dog of my
heart.  He's never met a stranger and is the world's
biggest lover.  Complete strangers stop us and
immediately hug him and roll on the ground with him,
never even asking if he's friendly. Love just pours out of
this big guy.  
He wasn't competitive in the show ring, but he loved
every minute of it.  He was never aloof enough.  When
the judge would approach, Magnum would wag his entire
body.  My daughter tried showing him when she was ten,
and he literally dragged her across the ring when  he
saw the judge smile at them.  She ended up in tears and
assured me she would never show him again.  Since then,
she's taken to showing a Sheltie which is more her size.
As you can see from his photos, Magnum puts up with
anything.  The kids constantly dress him up and parade
him around.  He adores going into the elementary schools
to read with the kids and is always a favorite.  He has
visited Hospices and Assisted Living Facilities and is the
most gentle soul imaginable.  If there ever was an
ambassador for the breed, Magnum is it!
Magnum at the Elementary School
reading with the kids. ( 2 years old)
Churchill was our first mastiff that we bought in
1997. We bought him from a breeder that was not in
it for the betterment of the breed, and did not do
health testing.  We were very lucky that we didn't
end up with endless health and temperment issues.  
This is a lesson to all potential mastiff owners...do
your research first.  It may be cheaper up front to
buy a dog from a breeder that doesn't do health
testing, or show their dogs in conformation, but in the
long run you risk temperment and expensive health

Churchill was almost a year and a half old when  my
daughter came along and  I have to say my mother
was a nervous wreck.  He was so gentle and careful.  
I even have an old video of him sitting next to my
daughter and pushing her back up when she was first
learning to sit.  He was always a great babysitter for
both of the kids as you can see in these pictures.

We lost Churchill when he was eight and a half to
brain cancer.  It took me a few years to recover
from that loss and re-enter the world of mastiffs,
but boy am I glad that I did...
A Knight To Remember CGC ( Magnum)
DOB: November 26, 2007
CH Cleopatra's Hero Knight x Knitewind
CH.  Wild West and Monsoon's Wanna Be A Rockstar   (THUNDER)
CH. Gothic Monsoon Jackbilt Rooster Cruzer x CH. Silvercrest Leap of Faith
Proudly Co-owned and living with Wade and Debbie Wickman of Monsoon Mastiffs
Thunder at 8 weeks

Big news:
Thunder earns his Championship with back to
back 4 Pt. Majors.  He is a rock star!
Thunder's first win at 6 mo.  
Handled by  proud papa, Wade Wickman
Thunder at 14 months
Winners Dog
Handled by  Ed Thomasson

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Thunder Best of Winners and Best Opposite
May 2013
Thunder Best of Winners w/ Rowan Baggenstos May 2013
Thunder (19mos. )and Rowan Baggenstos
Best of Breed May 2013